Equestrian Program

In the equestrian program, you’ll get a grand view of Tuscany as you gallop across beautiful countryside on a sleek, fit, and surefooted horse. Each day, you’ll ride for three to six hours, stopping along the way to explore our culture, food, wine, history, and land.

In the Saddle
Ride through ancient forests dotted with fortified villages, castles, ruins, terraced vineyards, and olive groves. Travel down historic paths, often used by medieval Tuscans, Romans, and the mysterious Etruscans before them. View pheasant, wild boar, and deer along the trail.

On the Land, On the Town
Ride to a medieval village to shop, visit a museum, or taste local wine. Stop along the way for an elaborate Tuscan-style picnic lunch – complete with table linens and local wines – served at secluded spots beside the trail.

• Although our pace is considered moderate, there are many opportunities for brisk trotting, cantering, and galloping.
• Our horses range in age from five years to mid-teens and stand 15hh to 16.3hh. Breeds include Lipizzaner, Anglo-Arab, Sicilian, Maremmano, and Murgese.
• We carefully match each rider to their mount to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and enjoyment.
• Tack is English, although Western and Australian saddles may be available with advance notice.
Helmets and heeled boots are required.
• Rider ability should be intermediate level or above, with a body weight limit of 240 pounds. The minimum age is 14 years.
A minimum of four riders is required for this program.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Meet your host at the Siena train station at 5:30 pm, followed by a 30-minute, scenic drive to Villa Ferraia. Settle into your rooms then enjoy a welcome drink, orientation, and dinner.

Day 2: After breakfast, transfer to the farm La Ripa to meet your horse. Ride through the countryside to the village of Orgia and enjoy an elaborate lunch of local specialties. The afternoon ride continues through forests, cultivated fields, and vineyards, with many beautiful views of medieval Tuscan villages and hillside castles.

Day 3: Ride toward the village of Murlo. Visit the local museum, full of fascinating Etruscan pieces. Do some light shopping after lunch. Trot, canter, and gallop along an ancient road to Buonconvento. Horses spend the night at Bibbiano. Riders return to Villa Ferraia after dinner.

Day 4: This ride covers approximately 20 miles, with long canters across the fields of the “Crete Senese”, or clay hills. Continue to the hillside medieval town of Montalcino, home of the famous Brunello wine. Lunch at the Fortezza di Montalcino includes a wine tasting. The horses stay overnight at Bibbiano again. Riders return to Villa Ferraia before dinner.

Day 5: Ride through verdant Mediterranean forests, peaceful villages, and past ruins on the way back to Tocchi. Enjoy a delectable picnic lunch in the forest then return to La Ripa. Dine at a local restaurant in the evening.

Day 6: Ride Maremanno horses with the Butteri, the legendary Italian cowboys. Check cattle in the national park of Maremma, 5,000 acres of forestland and oceanfront beach. Lunch in Grossetto. Then, continue on to Roselle to view the partially restored Roman and Etruscan ruins. After the ride, feast on a sumptuous farewell dinner served at Villa Ferraia.

Day 7: After breakfast, transfer to the train station in Siena.

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